What’s New in 2021

Thank you for taking the time to review this section of our new website! We will use this area to keep you informed about new things happening at the Completely Cat Clinic.

The first change in 2021 is that we will no longer be taking licensing payments at the clinic. With the ability to do this online through the Humane Society, they have made it easier to complete at home and the change takes place immediately vs. the previous delay when completing through the clinic. You can complete licensing online with the Nebraska Humane Society with this link….Click Here

COVID-19 Updates

We at The Completely Cat Clinic recognize that your cats are an important part of your family, and you want to keep your family safe and healthy. A key part of the veterinary oath is to protect and promote public health. We take that oath very seriously and given current events believe we have an obligation to do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus. In an effort to continue to provide care for our patients and protect our employees and clients, we are working within the CDC’s guidelines to keep our clinic and staff free of the Covid-19. 

We have taken extra measures to implement an even more rigorous than usual cleaning schedule and additional cleaning procedures that include disinfecting all door handles, the front counter, the credit card machine, and other frequently touched surfaces in the clinic. We will continue very frequent hand washing, and encourage you to do the same. Per the CDC and Health Department recommendations we will also not be shaking hands or hugging anyone to prevent viral transmission.

We are asking our staff to not come to work if they or someone in their family is coughing, has a fever, or is sick in any way. We are dedicated to our work, so this is a difficult but necessary precaution. Please be patient and understanding as we navigate this fluid situation.  

Most importantly, starting immediately we are suspending in-person appointments and moving to drop-offs only.  When you arrive in our parking lot please call us at 402-592-9001. We will come out to your vehicle to get your cat. After we’ve had an opportunity to examine your cat, we will call you with a recommended treatment plan. If this is an annual exam, you may just wait in the car while we perform all services. If your pet is sick, we will likely keep your pet for a few hours and call you back when we are ready with diagnostic results and a treatment plan. When you arrive to pick up your cat again please call us and we will bring the patient out to your vehicle and provide any additional follow up instructions or medications for you.  

If you are sick and your pet needs medical attention, please send your pet to the appointment with another person. If you do not have anyone available to bring your pet to us, please call us for further instructions. At this time it seems that animals do not get ill from COVID-19 but it is possible that they can be a vector to transmit the virus, which is why we are taking extra precautions. 

Please be patient with us during this time, we are being extra cautious in order to stay healthy and continue to provide a high level of care for your loved ones.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time. Stay well!