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Our veterinary team in Omaha welcomes you and your pet!

We understand it can be a difficult decision when it comes to selecting a healthcare provider for a member of your family. So many factors go into deciding who will be best suited to care for your feline friend, and we welcome the opportunity to make this process as easy as possible.

Things to Consider:

What sets the Doctors and staff at the Completely Cat Clinic apart from other vet clinics/hospitals?

Our team of highly trained providers focuses exclusively on cats. This means all day every day we diagnose, treat, and study only cats.

What kind of experience will my cat have at the Completely Cat Clinic?

In addition to feline medicine being our sole focus, we’ve created an environment dedicated to cats. We’ve taken steps to help reduce the stress your cat may feel when leaving their home, this means no loud environmental noises and no barking dogs, we even turned off the signals on our laundry machines, all in an effort to make your cat feel as at ease as possible.

Will the Completely Cat Clinic be able to meet all my cat’s healthcare needs?

We are a full-service clinic devoted to felines, all general procedures, surgeries, laboratory testing, prescription medications and diets are all managed in house by our highly trained staff. There are however times when specialists are needed to help diagnose and/or treat a patient, in those instances, we will consult with specialty hospitals here in Omaha or at one of the Universities within driving distance. Even if we have to refer you to a specialist, we still follow the case and work closely with the referral doctors to make sure we are developing a comprehensive treatment plan for your family member.